Netanyahu to Obama: “Don’t Second Guess Me on Hamas”


Who is putting out these reports and what is the agenda?

‘Why This Wall in Israel?’


Reflections on Pope Francis’s visit to the Jewish State.

Syrian Refugees: “We Want Netanyahu to Take Bashar Assad and Kill Him.”


The couple was unfazed about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying it had caused “just” 2,000 deaths, while the Syrian civil war had killed “more than 200,000” people

Why is Obama Refusing to Use the Israeli Knesset for his Big Speech?


The entire event signals a lack of confidence in Israel’s government and encourages the left to sabotage Netanyahu.

Clinton’s Political Hit Man in Israel to Take Down Netanyahu


Greenberg, along with partners James Carville and Robert Shrum, helped Labor under Ehud Barak defeat Netanyahu in the 1999 elections. Previously, then-President Bill Clinton was reportedly active in creating rifts within Netanyahu’s coalition, hastening its downfall.

Post-Zionism Is So 1990s


Israel’s rebellious adolescence is over.

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Why Thomas Friedman Hates Israel


The desperate flailing of a bankrupt ideology.

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Obama: I’ve Done More for Israel’s Security Than Any President


The lies and delusions of the most anti-Israeli President ever.

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Obama Administration’s Threefold Slap in Israel’s Face


A treatment reserved only for the Jewish State.

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Connecting the Nuclear Dots on Iran


Why the U.S. should fire top intelligence analysts.

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