Freedom Center Brings Campus Anti-Semitism to Light


How our protest against an anti-Israel extremist for UC Student Regent sparked a national conversation.

Berkeley Profs: ‘Islamophobia’ Greater Threat Than Islamic Terrorism


America’s Middle East studies establishment continues to nurture our surrender to Jihad.

Berkeley Councilman Proposes Taxing Email to Fund Post Office

OCCUPY your email

A 1 cent per megabyte tax would mean that today you would be paying a 60 cent tax to watch a movie and 14 cents to watch a YouTube video.

Manufacturing ‘Islamophobia’ at UC Berkeley


Unmasking the university’s new witch-hunt studies program.

Hostile Environment For Jewish Students at U.C. Berkeley


Lawyers file complaint with the Justice and Education Departments alleging violations of Title VI by the university.

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Occupy Berkeley!

Cal Day 2005 Crowds pass through Sather Gate

The alternative mass movement to “Occupy Wall Street.”

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From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 19, 2010

In the beginning of October, the United States began air strikes against the Taliban regime. The goal was to destroy ability of the al-Qaeda forces based there to strike again. Such considerations were irrelevant to leftists opposing the strikes like Berkeley Congresswoman Barbara Lee. In voting against the President’s request for an authorization to use [...]

Tutu’s Crusade Against Israel


The former South African archbishop embraces the anti-Semitic message on the American campus.

Treason of the Academics


Degenerate Israeli professors on the rampage.

Prometheus: A Marxist’s Favorite Super Hero

You’ve seen this famous statue found in front of the Rockefeller Center, haven’t you? Is this Greek mythological character really a super hero to today’s progressives? In looking around the Internet, my answer would be an emphatic yes.  He was a favorite of Karl Marx, which may explain his enduring popularity among the left. From [...]