Comrade Isaac and Sir Isaiah


A new book explores two individual destinies intertwined with the most agonizing questions of our time.

Islamic Sharia Court in Berlin Demands Defendant Pay 100 Camels


“We do not want to threaten you, but if you’re on the road, we can not guarantee your life.”

Germany Presents: ‘Jew in the Box’


An appalling display at Berlin’s Jewish Museum.

German Jews Warned to Hide After Muslim Attack


Despite Germany’s efforts to restore its Jewish community, due to the large number of Muslims there, Jews are being forced to hide their identity just as they had to do during the Holocaust.

Unfair ‘Honor Crime’ Fight In Berlin


Muslim father shot professional boxer step-daughter four times minutes before her world title bout.

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Courageous Restraint?


A new effort to encourage “self-control” among American troops may get them killed.

Evangelical Left Targets Israel


A new film tries to erode evangelicals’ staunch support for Israel.

Anti-Semitic Symbiosis


The Nazis’ dream ended in a Berlin bunker in 1945, but the Muslim Brotherhood dream never died.

A Profile in Courage


An open letter to Geert Wilders.

History as Heresy: The Socialist Immolation of Reality


Marxist writer William Blum enlightens the masses on the “myths” of the Berlin Wall.