Andrew Klavan: Good News, Beheaded Christians


A Truth Revolt video.

“Divine Inspiration” in the Qur’an and in the Bible – on The Glazov Gang


The significant difference — and what it explains about Islam and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

You Can Kill, But Not Murder

Keith Breeze Ten Commandments

Why there’s no biblical basis for pacifism.

Jesus, Today’s Church, and ‘Inequality’


What Jesus really said (and didn’t say) about the poor, the rich, and inequality.

Uncovering Israel’s Past

Picture 1

How modern archaeology is turning the movement to minimize Israel’s biblical history on its head.

The Church of Scotland Takes the Low Road


Delivers a report of the most anti-Semitic kind.

The Divine Hand of the Europeans


Why is Israel the only British-carved nation with negotiable borders?

A Christmas Carol


How some quick-acting Norwegian parents saved their kids from a halal yule.

Proselytizing for Palestine


The Religious Left preaches “Israeli apartheid” to turn followers against the Jewish State.

The New Paganism


How climate science became a cult in a religious dress.