Obama Urges Soviet-Style Voting Laws


What forcing everyone to vote really accomplishes.

Why the Left Will Never Abandon ‘Global Warming’


A look at the mother of all issues for the lovers of Big Government.

Obama Demonstrates the Evil of Big Government


Why the only way to limit corruption in the state is to limit the state.

How Liquor Taxes Led to Big Government


Before the income tax, levies on alcohol changed the face of America.

Obama Generates More Regulations than Jobs, 68 per Day


there are around 1,000 babies born in the District of Columbia every year. In those four years, 25 times more regulations than children will come out of DC.

The Real %47 – Washington DC Gets Richer, America Grows Poorer


In 2007, before the recession began, five counties in suburban Washington made it into the top 10. By 2010, there were six. The seven in the latest ranking is an all-time high.

John Stossel Unmasks the Fraud of Big Government


The evangelist of common sense regales the Freedom Center with insights from his new book, “No They Can’t.”

The True Significance of Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Troubles


Revisiting one of the most pernicious examples of government intrusion into our lives and workplaces.

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