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This  one is a little different….
Two Different Versions!  …………….. Two Different  Morals!
OLD  VERSION: The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer  long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.
The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and [...]

David Frum Continues to Promote Big Government Conservatism

A number of NewsRealblog posts have recently taken David Frum to task because of his criticisms of Glenn Beck and his (Frum’s) quest to “rebrand conservatism.”
Frum appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday to talk about his “new conservative brand,” where conservatism went wrong, and how to redefine conservative ideology so Republicans can win elections again.
The not-so-suprising conclusion: social conservatives should be told to take [...]

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The Democrats Dust Off an Old Myth

The last few weeks have not been kind to the aura of President Barack Obama.
Internationally, he has begun to be perceived as a weak leader. None of his campaign promises have led to any results on the international stage. The detention center at Guantanamo Bay is still open. The Middle East remains a mess. Oil [...]

Why So Many on the Right and the Left Can’t Figure Out How To Deal with Glenn Beck

Today one of our commenters, Ben, posted a link to Media Bistro on David Horowitz’s post about the newest installment in the debate with David Frum.
Ben did so to demonstrate an interesting point: Glenn Beck did fairly well in a recent public opinion poll. Only 19% of Americans have a negative view of him. Compare [...]

Voice of Reason: Thomas Sowell

Dr. Sowell debates the merits and demerits of the welfare system and the incentives it creates, in this classic film clip from 1980s.

Voice of Reason is NewsReal’s new feature highlighting political videos from noted commentators. If you would like to suggest one then please email NewsReal’s Assistant Managing Editor David Swindle at DavidSwindle AT Gmail [...]

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Bill Maher Embraces Sugar Stalinism

Stalinism hasn’t really gone away. It’s just gotten a lot wimpier — and sweeter.
Case in point: Bill Maher’s most recent New Rules segment from Friday’s “Real Time” (reprinted as always at Arianna Huffington’s leftist mega-blog Huffington Post):
And since Americans can only be prodded into doing something with money, we need to tax crappy foods that [...]