Bill Ayers and the Legacy of ‘60s Radicals in Education


Resisting the re-education of America.

America’s Red Guard


China’s Cultural Revolution comes to America.

Deceptions of a Terrorist


Exposing the lies in Bill Ayers’ new “memoir.”

The Book of Lies Tour by Privileged Bill Ayers


America’s entitled terrorist and his real record.

Loving and Hating America


How do detractors of the “Great Satan” explain why so many people want to live here?

Weatherman Terrorist Bill Ayers tells Bill de Blasio to be Proud of Supporting Marxist Terrorists

If Bill de Blasio becomes the mayor of New York City, he can throw a Terrorist Pride Parade

Bill Ayers Shocked to be Portrayed as “Some Kind of Public Enemy”


You’re in a terrorist organization that goes to war with America and for some crazy reason, you’re depicted as a public enemy.

Bomber Bill Ayers’ College Tour

Image: Bill Ayers

A Weather Underground terrorist tries to erase his history — and universities help him do it.

Larry Grathwohl: Requiem for an American Hero


The sad passing of a man who devoted his life to protecting America from leftist terrorists.

Bill Ayers Fan Stages Fake Republican Rape Threat Against Herself to Protest Rape Culture

Meg Lanker-Simons and husband

This was the scene on April 28 as hundreds gathered to denounce rape culture on the University of Wyoming campus. But the only rape culture that the rape culture gang could find was the one they manufactured.