Bill Clinton: “I Can’t Imagine That… a President… Could Really Get Away with Murder.”


“Think of all the opportunities I’ve missed …so many people had it coming.”

Clinton’s Pardons for Pedophiles


There’s no crime too horrific that a large checkbook and campaign donations won’t solve.

Bill Clinton: I Have to Give Paid Speeches Because I Didn’t Make Money in the Stock Market

"I did not take a bribe from that donor"

Smart Whitewater investors like the Clintons missed the stock market?

Bill Clinton: Americans “Less Racist and Homophobic” Than They Used to Be

"I did not take a bribe from that donor"

Unfortunately Bill is the same creepy corrupt compulsive liar

Bill Clinton: Hamas Shoots Rockets into Israel Because They Feel Disempowered


“Hamas is feeling weak and disempowered, and they fire 3,000 rockets into Israel.”

Bill Clinton: Israel Must Be Forced to Make Peace


“If we don’t force him to have peace, we won’t have peace.”

“Flat Broke” Bill Clinton Smoking $1,000 Cigars

Here's to 8 more years of golfing and crime

You can see why the Clintons need all those speaking fees.

Bill Clinton Admits He Chose Not to Kill Bin Laden Before 9/11

"I did not have sex with that health plan."

The blood of 3,000 Americans in on his hands.

Hillary Clinton Approved Bill Clinton’s Paydays from Enemies of the US


It must be nice when you can mediate your own family’s conflicts of interest.

Benghazi Terrorist May Be Defended by Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky White House Counsel

ohn M. Facciola, Ahmed Abu Khatallah, Michelle Peterson

“What difference does it make anyway?”