The Clintons Just Can’t Stop Lying About Their Wealth

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton

Hillary, lying about her money for more than two decades.

$100 Mil Hillary: Republicans Hate Me Because I’m Opposed to Income Inequality

Hillary Rodham Clinto

The Clintons are generous to the less fortunate. And by less fortunate, they mean themselves.

Monica Lewinsky Wasn’t a Victim —- America Was


Before Clinton abused Monica, he abused America.

Clinton White House Report: “The Right-Wing has Seized Upon the Internet”


It explains how “Republican staffers surf the Internet,”

Even Bill Clinton Thinks that Obama’s Abandonment of the Internet is a Bad Idea


The United States has been by far the country most committed to keeping the Internet free.

Hillary Adviser Conducted Illegal Shadow Campaign


This sheds light on how Dems use minority front groups

Bill Clinton Urges Americans to be like the Ukrainians


Clinton and his wife started shipping White House furniture to their home

Woman Sexually Harassed by Clinton says: “Hillary is the War on Women.”


“She singlehandedly orchestrated every one of the investigations of all these women.”

Hillary Blamed Republicans for Bill Clinton’s Affair with Monica


“HC (Hillary Clinton) tired of all those whiney women.”

Clinton Judge Who Freed Lynne Stewart Praised her “Dedication”


“It is no exaggeration to say that Ms. Stewart performed a public service.”