Huma Abedin Forced to Choose: Hillary or Anthony


“Huma has a choice to make,” a close associate tells New York magazine. “Does she go with Anthony, or does she go with Hillary?”

Are You Ready for a 3rd Clinton Running for Office?


Now that Hillary Clinton is prepping for her big 2016 presidential run, it wouldn’t be a real family outing without Chelsea Clinton joining in the fun.

Hollywood’s Nonsensical Hatred for Anthony Weiner


Bill Clinton, anyone?

The Never-Ending Clinton Sex Scandals

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband former U.S. President Bill Clinton attend church service at Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Waterloo, Iowa

Why a salacious controversy of her own may be Hillary’s only hope for the presidency.

Bill Clinton Celebrates Supreme Court Overturning Marriage Law He Signed


After boasting about Clinton signing the anti-gay DOMA, the ad concludes with the line: “President Clinton has fought for our values and America is better for it.”

Bill Clinton Taunts Obama as a “Wuss” If He Doesn’t Ignore Congress, Go to War in Syria


Former U.S. president Bill Clinton admitted that if the U.S. had gone into Rwanda sooner following the start of the 1994 genocide, at least a third or roughly 300,000 lives could have been saved.

IRS Official Who Targeted Tea Party, Also Targeted Conservative Groups in the 90s


FEC attorneys continued their intrusion into religious activities by prying into what occurs at Coalition staff prayer meetings, and even who attends the prayer meetings held at the Coalition.

The Clinton Scandal Playbook and Benghazi


An uncanny similarity between the Libya debacle and another unforgettable Hillary escapade.

Things Only a Democrat Could Get Away With


Shamelessness is the only virtue left in the Democratic Party.

The Tarnished Globes


Why red state America hates Hollywood.