Rehabilitating Scott Ritter


The New York Times’ too-generous portrait of a conspiracy theorist and sex offender.

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Clinton’s Jihad Ignorance


The real root of Islamist violence in Nigeria.

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Sentencing the Underwear Bomber


The son of one of Nigeria’s richest men gets his just deserts for trying to commit jihad mass murder on a jetliner.

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Taxing Medical Progress to Death


Killing jobs and potential patients at the same time.

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When You Go Conservative Black, You Better Watch Your Back


The campaign to destroy Cain continues.

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Inside Occupy Los Angeles: A Photo Essay


A savage journey into the heart of intellectual darkness.

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Cain Under Fire — No-Fly Zone Over Clinton, JFK Sexcapades


When it comes to Democratic sex scandals, the accusers are on trial.

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Bill Clinton’s Anti-Israel Screed


The former president’s defamatory hit on the Jewish state.

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The True Significance of Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Troubles


Revisiting one of the most pernicious examples of government intrusion into our lives and workplaces.

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The Left’s Racist Witch Hunt


Why Herman Cain is under attack.