DeBlasio Aide on Cop Killer: “This Racist, Imperialist Country Gets the Best of People”


She even used Twitter to cheer crazed ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner

New Yorkers Boo Bill de Blasio as he Throws Out Pitch for Mets (VIDEO)


“Everyone knows that Giuliani was a Yankees fan.”

Bill de Blasio Claims Israel Banned Horse Carriages, Caught Lying


Bill de Blasio is still struggling to push his horse carriage ban.

The Left’s War on Horses


The left doesn’t just hate people; it also hates our four-legged friends.

The Left Versus Minorities

bill de blasio

How progressives are destroying the only schools that give underprivileged kids a chance.

Bill de Blasio’s War on Horses and the Progressive Bubble

bill de blasio horses3

“Everybody thinks the same way, the rest of the world is stupid or wrong..”

64% of White New York Voters Rate Bill de Blasio Negatively


Only 30% of white voters gave him positive marks.

Bill de Blasio Chooses Teachers’ Union Over Black Parents


“Bill de Blasio picked the wrong school to mess with.”

New Yorkers Bought $1 Bil in Florida Property Since De Blasio Win

de blasio

5,000 wealthy families pay 30 percent of the city’s income tax.

Chicago Joins Bill de Blasio’s War on Horses


The left has opened yet another front in its endless War on Everything