Rula Jebreal’s Deceptions About Islam — on The Glazov Gang


A former Muslim Imam unveils the falsehoods Jebreal recently uttered on Bill Maher’s “Real Time”.

Reza Aslan’s Lies About Islamic Female Genital Mutilation — on The Glazov Gang


A doctor from Egypt gives a harrowing account about a vicious Islamic crime perpetrated against Muslim girls.

Berkeley’s Jihad Against Bill Maher

Maher 726

The latest neo-fascist effort to destroy free speech and stifle debate about Islamic supremacism.

Islam: More ‘Like the Mafia’ than Bill Maher Knows

APphoto_Real Time With Bill Maher

Allah vs. the Godfather.

The Diversity of Islam?


Nicholas Kristof allows his fantasies about the “Religion of Peace” to obscure the grim reality.

Ben Affleck: Portrait of Islam’s Clueless Apologetics


Presenting and discrediting the mainstays of Islam-Denial.

The Leftist Jihad Has Nothing To Do with Liberalism


The real liberals are as dead as Lenin.

MSNBC Anti-Semite Chris Hayes Calls Bill Maher Racist for Criticizing Islam


The piece was popular enough to get featured on David Duke’s website.

Maher and Harris Educate Affleck about Islam


Yet another leftist actor reveals his ignorance.

Is the Left Finally Wising Up?


Some progressive celebs and academics are finally targeting Obama.