Welcome the Hip-Hop World into the Conservative Tent


Hip-hop crosses racial and class boundaries — and so should the Right.

Robert Reich Desperately Trying to get Bill O’Reilly to Notice Him


“Yet O’Reilly refuses to have me on his show to debate any of this — either his initial charge I’m a Communist”

Bill O’Reilly Is Smarter Than Lawrence O’Donnell


Why the disintegration of the family is the source of the black “culture of poverty.”

Courage and Conviction Award Winner Laura Ingraham at Restoration Weekend

Picture 27

A conservative warrior explains why she’s hopeful about the future.

A Censored Race War?


Why some racially motivated violent crimes just aren’t news.

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An Open Letter to Charles Johnson


Your reasons for breaking with the Right don’t add up.

Muslim Mafia – by Fern Sidman


A new book takes us inside the secret underworld that’s conspiring to Islamize America.

Don’t Trust Public Schools, Beck Tells O’Reilly

On Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Glenn Beck explained why he doesn’t trust public schools to educate his children:
Because I saw a change in my older kids when they went to school. And I also — I just don’t like revisionist history. I don’t like the fact — when my daughter, my second to oldest daughter decided she [...]

The O’Reilly Factor’s Insult to Its Viewers Generally and to African Americans in Particular

I am a big fan of The O’Reilly Factor. I think O’Reilly has done heroic work in taking on the media left, in speaking up for the little guy, in pursuing sex offenders and corrupt judges and being a stand up guy on a whole host of issues. I watch him regularly and regard him [...]