The Next Supreme Court Battle for ObamaCare

Barack Obama

Will the high court overrule the president’s assault on religious liberty?

Obamerica: 11-Year-Old Girls Can Buy OTC Birth Control Pills, But You Can’t Buy Cough Syrup


To get decongestants, customers have to show picture ID and sign a logbook recording what they buy and where they live.

Like a Virgin: Obama Ad Sets a New Low


I’m Barack Obama and I approved the worst political ad ever.

Muslim Religious Freedom vs. Catholic Religious Freedom


The Obama administration’s selective interpretation of religious liberty.

The Rise of Newspeak


The new meaning of “bigotry.”

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Premarital Sex: Does It Have to Be All or Nothing?

In my article last week about feminist Jessica Valenti, a reader named “Jess” commented that she dislikes “how there’s apparently no middle ground between sleeping with everything that moves and waiting for marriage.” Ironically (since we seem to have little else in common), I agree with her. Ms. Valenti makes a living telling young women [...]