Welcome to Black History Month 2014


Please ignore the crime and violence.

White Movie Heroes and Black Supporting Casts


Hollywood liberals’ approach to race issues hasn’t changed much in half a century

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‘A Greater Chance For Glory’


Reflections on black American history – and Black History Month.

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L.A. Unified School District to Commence Indoctri-cation on Arizona Immigration Law

“There’s a conversation in this country around the rights of people, and students are a part of it,” said L.A. School Board President, Monica Garcia.
It would be foolish, then, for left-wing educators to miss the opportunity to tell students what to think and say in such an instance.
The politically saturated Los Angeles Unified School District [...]

Feminist Diversity Cop Wants More “Colored Women” in Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood issue hit newsstands this week, and the full color glossy has  taken a decidedly monochromatic approach to highlighting Tinseltown’s up-and-comers. Naturally, the preponderance of slender, white women gracing the Vanity Fair cover is a big deal in the feminist blogosphere.
Fair enough. The Vanity Fair cover does resemble the MSNBC lineup.

But it’s [...]

NBC Cafeteria Menu and Racial Stereotyping

The above photograph is an NBC Cafeteria sign, in honor of Black History Month.  I won’t hold my breath for the ever-deranged Keith Olbermann of MSNBC to make them so, however. Remember, racism, straight up, as Janeane Garofalo likes to bluster, is totally cool as long as you are of the “correct” political stripe. Olby is [...]

From the Pen of David Horowitz: December 22, 2009

fifty years ago this spring, Jackie Robinson broke the color bar in baseball. The events that followed provide a lesson for Black History Month — which ends this week — that many civil rights leaders seem to have forgotten. Following Robinson’s historic breakthrough, as everybody knows, other black athletes followed his example and professional basketball [...]

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