Black Cornell Prof: White Progressives are Race Traitors Committing Race Suicide


“The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race”

Black Cab Drivers Accused of Being Racist Against Black Passengers


“But why not?” I asked. “You’re black as well.”

Man Who Directed 10 Movies Claims Hollywood “Doesn’t Let Black People Tell Stories”

Director John Singleton speaks at the American Cinematheque tribute honoring Samuel L. Jackson in Beverly HIlls

And the proof of that is 12 Years a Slave

Black Dem Pol: I Don’t like Justice Thomas “He’s Married to a White Woman”


He added that Justice Thomas was an “Uncle Tom,”

Feminism’s Insane Leftist Race War


“There’s a subset of black women who get off on white women being prostrate.”

Dumbest Woman in Russia Writes New York Times Op-Ed Whitewashing Racism


One of them had lashed out at my daughter, calling her a “white bitch.”

Amiri Baraka’s Most Anti-Semitic Poems


“The best is yet to come. On how we beat you and killed you.”

Black and Latino Caucus Invites Whites, Denies them Voting Rights


Sen. Lena Taylor was surprised that the caucus allowed white legislators to participate.

Angry Detroit Activists Complain City Isn’t Black Enough


A lot of nights you can stand in downtown Detroit and think you were in Minneapolis

Oprah: Racism Will End When All the Old White People Die


“There are still generations of people, older people and they just have to die!”