White, Hispanic Cops Claim They Are Discriminated Against After Shootings


And so inevitably anti-racist efforts turn racist.

Black Skin Privilege and Ferguson


The nation awaits the verdict in Ferguson and prepares for the vindictive retribution of the lynch mob.

Dem Congressman Goes on Racist Group’s Radio Show to Denounce Republican Racism

It's hard to do a full salute when your elbow hurts

It’s those Republicans who keep injecting race into everything says the racist on a racist talk show.

Salon’s Professor Crunk Claims White-on-Black Murder Wave in Florida


“Why do black people owe the nation the safety of our reasonable, rational, nonviolent responses?”

In 2014, a WaPo Editorial Dares Ask: “Is a Black Candidate the Best Candidate?”


“They worry they might be perceived as racist if they don’t vote for a black candidate.”

Black and Latino Caucus Invites Whites, Denies them Voting Rights


Sen. Lena Taylor was surprised that the caucus allowed white legislators to participate.

African-Americans Commit Disproportionate Share of Hate Crimes

The Rev. Al Sharpton Leads  "Reclaim The Dream" Counterprotest.

The FBI lists an anti-white murder in 2012, but no anti-black murder

African-Americans Believe More Blacks than Whites are Racist


Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racis

Rachel Maddow’s Brain Numbing Attack on David Horowitz


Read the books, Rachel, before you blow another gasket about them.

Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream


David Horowitz and John Perazzo expose readers to the most inconvenient truths about racial favoritism in their new pamphlet.