The Cause of Black Violence in Ferguson Schools


The Left points the finger at white teachers.

Black Mob Violence in Macon: What’s Snow Got to Do with It?


The frightening story of a Georgia mother and her baby.

Eric Holder, Hate Crimes and Double Standards

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder listens to a question at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

All hate crimes are equal, but some hate crimes are more equal than others.

Black Mob Violence in the Liberal City of Portland


But Tim Oberlander, a news editor at KGW TV in Portland, doesn’t want you to know.

Time: “Young Black Men Murder 14 Times More than Young White Men”


“If the kinds of things I just mentioned were regularly done by whites, it’d be trumpeted as justification for being scared to death of them.”

American Racial Politics 101


CliffsNotes for navigating the rocky waters of the nation’s racial realities.

White Girl Bleed a Lot


Author Colin Flaherty discusses the return of racial violence and how the media ignores it.

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