The Cause of Black Violence in Ferguson Schools


The Left points the finger at white teachers.

How Can Anyone Continue to Support Obama?

President Obama Makes Statement On The Sequestration

Three words – it’s Bush’s fault.

From Arafat and Abbas to Hamas: Lying and Crying for Terror


The Palestinian blame-game.

How Blaming Bush Led to the Ukraine Crisis


The Left’s obsessive hatred of America and its disastrous consequences for global security.

Karen Armstrong’s 9/11 British Empire Blowback Thesis


The Left’s twisted self-hatred comes to Georgetown University.

United Nations & Terrorists Stand Together Against America


Seeing eye to eye on who’s responsible for the attacks against the “Great Satan.”

Boston Blame Game


Leftist media continue to downplay the real threat to America in hopes of scoring a political victory.

Big Issues and Fine Print


How our fiscal woes are independent of Bush’s national-security policies.

I, President


Is he trying to tell us something?

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Gabriel Schoenfeld: How the Left politicized the terrorist watch list —

The case of the alleged Christmas bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, is being called a massive intelligence failure. And the evidence thus far does suggest a possible lapse in the government’s management of terrorist watch lists. But if so, the blame doesn’t lie wholly with government agencies charged with maintaining the lists. Some share of responsibility […]