A Future Without Criticism of the Prophet Muhammad — on The Glazov Gang


Nancy Bonus, Josh Brewster and Rob Nelson analyze Obama’s dreams of Sharia.

Christian 9 and 10-Year-Olds Arrested on Blasphemy Charges


Two Egyptian Christian children, Nabil Rizk, 10, and Mina al-Farag, 9, have been taken from their parents and arrested after a Muslim man accused the two youngsters of desecrating the holy Qur’an

The Consequences of ‘Slandering’ the Prophet of Islam


An author of a forbidden book on Mohammed faces down authorities in Germany.

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Surrendering to Sharia — on The Glazov Gang

Charlie Hebdo

Josh Brewster, Leon Weinstein and Dwight Schultz analyze the tragedy that is supposed to be Obama’s foreign policy.

Obama’s U.N. Speech Hits and Misses the Mark


A troubling statement parrots warnings of Islamists.

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World Leaders Rally for Blasphemy Laws


But a few courageous voices condemn the global assault on free speech.

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Is It Time for ‘Make Your Own Mohammed Movie Month’?


Our freedom of speech is under siege by the international Islamist theocracy — here’s one way to fight back.

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VIDEO: Assistant Attorney General Refuses to Rule Out Blasphemy Prosecutions

a man walking through a Muslim neighborhood wearing a provocative t-shirt, who is set upon and stabbed by a Muslim, could be charged with inciting the very violence that he was a victim of

Turkey PM Pushes International Blasphemy Laws


The future of freedom of speech in the international arena looks bleak.

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The Freedom to be Silenced


The government must choose between defending American values and defending Muslim values.

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