Obama Frees a Terror Lawyer


The liberation of Lynne Stewart.

America Takes Down Osama bin Laden’s Lawyer


Hamas’ favorite lawyer faces tax evasion charges.

The White House’s Visas-for-Terrorists Program


A new report raises more questions than answers on why a known jihadist was allowed in the U.S.

Obama and the Jihad

Picture 82

Distinguished panel discusses the threats we face from without and within at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat.

The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President


Why the Obama administration can’t be trusted to keep Omar Abdel-Rahman in prison.

Terrorist? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


The new Obama administration protocol putting the nation at risk.

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Bachmann-Clinton Showdown over Blind Sheikh


Lawmakers demand answers as evidence continues to mount over possible release.

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Releasing the Blind Sheikh?


A humanitarian gesture to new Islamist rulers of Egypt.

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Jihad At the DNC


Why are Democrats playing host to Islamic supremacists at the Charlotte convention?

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Egyptian Democracy: New President Vows to Free Blind Sheikh


The true colors of the “Arab Spring” revealed.

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