The Obama Blockade


The Berlin blockade and Obama’s shutdown theatrics.

An Undeserved Apology to Islamist Turkey


Why Netanyahu bowed before pro-Hamas Prime Minister Erdogan.

UN Blames Israel for Gaza’s ‘Inviable’ Future


When will the Palestinians be held accountable for the society they create?

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Turkey’s Hypocrisy Over Gaza


Where is the international outrage over the 20-year blockade of Armenia?

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Israel’s Right to Blockade


Counting the ways in which the law is on the Jewish state’s side.

Religious Rally Against Israel


Churches for Middle East Peace gets on the side of those lusting for genocide.

Israel’s Critics and Hollow Lies


Dismantling the propaganda one lie at a time.

The Free Gaza Movement


A look at the worldview, agendas, tactics, and supporters of the campaign to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. (Click here to see the complete overview.)

Horowitz Vs Marshall: Why is the “Center-Left” AWOL in the War with Islamofascism?

It’s more than interesting that while there have been over 470,000 views of the exchange between David Horowitz and the Muslim Students Association officer at UC San Diego which revealed an appalling support for a genocide of the Jews, and it has been featured on many, many websites as chilling evidence of the jihadists among us, [...]

Will the West Back the Jihad or Israel?


The stakes are more than very high.