A Preview of ‘Palestine’


What recent statements from Palestinian leaders tell us about a future Palestinian state.

Israel and a Tale of Two British Exports


Inside the dark world of the British anti-Semitic mind.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority: Two Sides of the Same Coin


The truth about the “moderate” Palestinians.

Academic Lies and Distortions in the Cognitive War Against Israel

The blood libel has been revivified.

Britain Is No Place for Jews

Sunday Times blood libel

A Nazi-style cartoon in the Sunday Times shows the true face of the U.K.

An Open Letter to a Palestinian Propagandist


Charles Enderlin on the attack against those who debunked his blood libel against Israel.

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Tikkun Magazine Tries to Muzzle Me


A far-left publication shows its totalitarian face.

The White House War Against Israel


In the administration’s rage against the Jewish state, an anti-Semitic trope emerges.

A Profile in Courage


An open letter to Geert Wilders.