Liberal “McCarthyism” and Censorship of Conservatives Condemned by… Michael Bloomberg


“There was more disagreement among the old Soviet Politburo than among Ivy League donors.”

Colorado Loses $85 Million a Year Over Dem Gun Control Jihad

Josh Westerlund

I hope that Bloomberg money was worth it.

If You Like Your Food, You Can Keep Your Food


Obama’s food fascism.

Bloomberg is Right and Wrong About Fingerprinting Public Housing Residents


“Five percent of our population lives in NYCHA housing, 20 percent of the crime is in NYCHA housing.”

Racism Card Looking a Little Dog-Eared


Have liberals polled the elderly black residents of high-crime neighborhoods on stop-and-frisk?

Ecofascism Marches On: “Let’s Put Our Air Conditioners on Ice Before It’s Too Late”


I can’t help but wonder whether cities like New York will ever prohibit stores from cooling their facilities below, say, 70°F.

Bloomberg vs. CAIR’s Interfaith Friends


New York City mayor vows to veto bill supported by Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the ACLU.

How to Keep a Bloomberg at Bay


Other charms and unguents efficacious for deterring Bloomberg include, NRA decals, a dash of water from the Gowanus canal, a rare Madagascar blue chicken born at midnight and the United States Constitution.

Inside Every Liberal Is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out


Our contest winner and runner-ups are announced.

Why Doesn’t New York City Government Focus on Real Issues?


Business is hurting. New Yorkers are hurting. Why is the city pushing more anti-job regulations?