Nigeria Wins Cup of Nations, but Islamists Continue Killing

Victor Moses

Victory comes just hours after the north suffers wrath of jihadists.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Midnight Mass, Kill Pastor, Set Church on Fire


The Boko Haram gunmen burst in at 2 AM through a back door, opening fire on the worshipers killing five, including the pastor, and injuring a number of others.Then they set fire to the church along with the houses of Christians living in the area.

Nigerian Nobel Laureate Denounces “Absymal Appeasement” of Negotiating with Islamist Terrorists


“The issue has become a security issue in which the question becomes: who goes down? Is (it) the community, the nation, the society that goes down or is it a bunch of killers who are totally beyond control?”

The Sound of Silence in Mali


A bloody Islamist quest to kill music in the West African country.

Ethnic Cleansing of Nigerian Christians Funded by UK Charity


In Cairo, Obama promised the Muslim Brotherhood that he would relax scrutiny of terror charities.But this is what comes of relaxing scrutiny on the Zakat Jihad.

Christian Slaughter in Nigeria


State Department continues to ignore congressional call to designate Islamists as terrorists.

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Muslim Persecution of Christians and Media Whitewashing


The moral equivalency strategies evident in most every “mainstream” news report.

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Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands


Administration urges Nigeria to stop fighting Islamist-led genocide in favor of fighting “social inequality.”

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Clinton’s Jihad Ignorance


The real root of Islamist violence in Nigeria.

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Sentencing the Underwear Bomber


The son of one of Nigeria’s richest men gets his just deserts for trying to commit jihad mass murder on a jetliner.

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