Iran is More Than a Threat to the Middle East


Why sanctions must be kept in place.

Western Powers, Iran on Brink of Bad Deal


Israel and Saudi Arabia preparing to act?

Mass Attack Thwarted in Jerusalem

israel hotels_jerusalem hotels_jerusalem hotel _mamila jerusalem hotel_mamilla_mall

A Rosh Hashanah gift from Israel’s “peace partners.”

The Last Israelis


Noah Beck’s apocalyptic novel confronts the doomsday scenario of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Hollywood’s Take on Terrorism


Some terrorists are more equal than others.

When Unrepentant Terrorists Teach Our Youth


Greenwich Village would-be bombers have plenty of leftist role models to emulate.

Al-Qaeda’s Child Soldiers


A horrifying glimpse into the Islamist predilection for using children as human explosives.

The Fed Reserve Bomb Plotter: Explaining Jihadist ‘Nice Guys’


Quazi Nafis wasn’t a maniac, but a rational devotee of Islam.

Fireworks Over Attacking Iran — On The Glazov Gang

A heated exchange on Islam — and what to do about Iran — breaks out on Frontpage’s television program.

Hanging Israel Out to Dry


Obama turns his back on the only safe-haven of freedom in the Middle East.