The Immigration Ploy


Why Obama’s quasi-amnesty trick is not meant to help the country but help himself.

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Mexican Jihad


Islamization south of the border.

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Border Insecurity: The War in Texas


The fight against narco-terrorism has become a real war.

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George W. Obama Part 8: Immigration

In a far-too-late attempt to shore up his conservative base ahead of the 2006 massacre, President Bush sent 6,000 National Guard troops to the Mexican border, but placed major limits on what they could do. Now, with the immigration debate hot again because of the Arizona bill, President Obama is making a similar move and [...]

Troops to the Border


Has Eric Holder finally read the Arizona Immigration Law?

The New Korean War


Kim Jong-il puts his tyranny’s armed forces on war footing.

Invading the U.S.A.


The borderlands descend into lawlessness.

Are We Really Supporting the Troops?

Sebastian Junger, author of War, was on The Daily Show last night discussing his stay with soldiers in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan. Jon Stewart and he relayed how our troops truly embody the best of America—no, the best of mankind—in the worst of situations. The stories of brotherhood, integrity, humanity and professionalism that [...]

Secure Borders, Secure Jobs


Arizona lawmakers take a stand for the American worker.

How Hamas Tortures Gaza


Is it really a mystery who brings human suffering to the Palestinians?