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A recovering Muslim speaks.

Hamid Mir, “moderate” top Pakistani TV anchor, caught aiding Taliban jihadists

Many non-Muslims in Europe and America have been taken in by Hamid Mir, a self-professed “moderate.” I was on to him years ago. So was Pamela Geller. We were both lectured self-righteously about how we had to support “moderates.” And now here we are. I hate to say “I told you so,” [...]

The persistent fiction that Islamic anti-Semitism is a borrowing from Nazism

Visit JihadWatch. Thanks to Bosch Fawstin for illustration.
This is a common species of wishful thinking and willful blindness. Its proponents imagine that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ with no anti-Semitic elements (you know the drill, Islam reveres the “People of the Book,” etc.), but it was corrupted by the Nazis. Thus [...]

Shoe-throwing = ritual protest. Pig head-throwing = racist incident.

Thanks to Bosch Fawstin for the Robert Spencer graphic.
Throwing a pig’s head into a mosque, or into anything, is obnoxious, reprehensible, and always and everywhere to be condemned.
That being so, why the double standard?
UK police bow to “Islamic sensitivities,” allow Muslim protesters to throw shoes
Isn’t throwing shoes just as potentially “distressing,” as well [...]

Should Tariq Ramadan have been allowed to enter the U.S.?

Image courtesy of Bosch Fawstin. Visit JihadWatch.
Chicago Tribune reporter Manya Brachear has kindly written to me to alert me to this article. In her email to me she invited Jihad Watch readers to comment at her Tribune blog on this story, so have at it — why shouldn’t News Real readers join in [...]

Bridge for sale: Hamas says it’s working to curb rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza

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Eliminating the competition and simultaneously helping Obama make his case that the Palestinian leadership is “moderate” — and should be given a state that bisects Israel.
“Hamas ‘working to curb Gaza rocket attacks,’” from the BBC, April 2 (thanks to Carl):
Leaders of the Hamas militant movement which controls [...]

ACLU starts program to protect Muslims from FBI

Image courtesy of Bosch Fawstin
Andrew McCarthy is right: this program will “make agents reconsider investigating in the first place. What this is going to dry up is the normal give and take between a community and law enforcement. It should raise people’s eyebrows.” Indeed. The FBI should not be on the defensive [...]

Open Thread: Barack Obama, Fighting American(s)

- Bosch Fawstin

The War on Error

- Bosch Fawstin

Open Thread: Big Footprint

My idea of a “big footprint” is our military unleashed against the enemy, leaving their cheerleaders terrified, and then getting the hell out of that hell.
- Bosch Fawstin