Boston Marathon Bomber: “Ummah is Beginning to Rise… Muslims are One.”


During the days following the attacks Tsarnaev and his brother made additional bombs,

Tamerlan Tsarnaev and 3rd Muslim Killer Responsible for Murder of 3 Jews on September 11


Dead Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and another man — who was killed by the FBI on Wednesday — murdered three people in Massachusetts

Possible Boston Bomber Muslim Conspirator Shot Dead by FBI Agent in Florida


So now maybe we have three lone wolves. Not counting the other three who helped cover up for the Tsarnaevs and have been charged for it. So now it’s six lone wolves.

2 More Muslims Arrested in Boston Bombing Investigation

Dzhokahar in Times Square (2)

“Kadyrbayev knew when he saw the empty fireworks that Tsarnaev was involved in the Marathon bombing,” the affidavit reads. “Kadyrbayev decided to remove the backpack from the room in order to help his friend Tsarnaev avoid trouble.”

Boston Bomber Hit Girlfriend for Not Wearing a Hijab, Wanted her to Convert to Islam, Hate America


“He became extremely religious and tried to brainwash me to follow Islam. Tamerlan said I couldn’t be with him unless I became a Muslim. He wanted me to hate America like he did.”

Muslim Boston Bombers Wanted to Finish Work of Times Square Muslim Bomber


We might have learned even more, but then the protector of Muslim terrorists, Eric Holder stepped in

Boston Bomber Magistrate’s Middle Eastern Connections

bowler dubai

After roughly 16 hours of questioning, investigators were surprised when a magistrate judge and a representative from the U.S. Attorney’s office entered the hospital room and read Tsarnaev his rights

Muslim Boston Bomber Wanted to Die for Islam


Tamerlan got his wish to die for Islam because the people who should have been paying attention to Muslim terrorists in this country, weren’t.

Muslim Boston Bomber was Angry Because People Thought Islam was a Violent Religion


“He was angry that the world pictures Islam as a violent religion,” Mr. Khozhugov said.

Russia Repeatedly Warned US About Muslim Boston Bomber


Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but “multiple’’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev — including a second time nearly a year after he was first interviewed by FBI agents in Boston