Muslim Boston Bomber was 5th Suspect Under FBI Investigation to Participate in Terrorist Attack

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“Tsarnaev remained at liberty in this country to conduct the Boston attack, and it took days to publicly identify him as a suspect,”

Refusing to be Terrorized isn’t Words, it’s Deeds

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A refusal to be terrorized is not a good attitude toward being terrorized, it is a refusal to continue accepting terrorism as the normal state of affairs.

US Warned About Muslim Boston Bomber 2 Years Before Attack


We appear to have the authority to strip search children at airports and lock up people for uploading movie trailers to YouTube. But there’s no authority to investigate a Chechen Muslim who was suspected of being involved in terrorism.

3 Dumb Lefty Narratives About the Muslim Boston Bombings


Until recently the lefties were holding out hope for a white male bomber. Anything but a Muslim. Now that he is a Muslim the spinners are frantically trying to spin the story in a politically correct direction.   1. The bombers were “Caucasian” and that proves that racial profiling doesn’t work. Getting into the level […]

Senior Boston Bomber Recently Turned Religious, Attended Anti-American Mosque

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Tamerlan wasn’t a devout practicing Muslim, “but just recently, maybe two years ago, he started praying five times a day.”



Second Chechen Muslim suspect captured alive in Boston Marathon bombing case.

Did Obama Failure to Enforce Immigration Laws Cause Boston Bombings?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

A Muslim terrorist who carried out the Boston Marathon bombings could have been deported years ago after a criminal conviction

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Favorite Song: “We Will Dedicate Our Lives to the Jihad”


From above the duty calls you/to fight boldly in the way of Allah

Media Still Wondering What Possible Motive Muslim Terrorists Could Have for Killing Americans


“Why would Chechen refugees harbor such anger against the United States that they’d want to carry out a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon?” Politico asks.

Beslan Comes to America


Beslan has come to America and it should be a wake up call. There should be no more sympathy for Chechen terrorists.