Obama Paid Money to Al Qaeda for Bergdahl Release


Obama has come dangerously close to funding Al Qaeda.

Hillary’s Fav Publisher Rejects Book by Bergdahl Platoon b/c it Would Hurt Obama


“I’m not sure we can publish this book without the Right using it to their ends.”

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Admitted Bergdahl was a Deserter


The media spins some things. Other things it just buries.

Photo Shows Bergdahl Smiling w/Top Taliban/Al Qaeda Commander


The Haqqani Network has done the most damage to the US in Afghanistan

US Army Clears Bergdahl of Misconduct Before Talking to Him


Bergdahl is a long way from cleared

Bowe Bergdahl Is Not One of Us

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.00.11 PM

A Truth Revolt video.

You Bet This Is Swiftboating


Washington’s disturbing response to real servicemen telling the truth about a dishonorable comrade.

Why Obama Did the Prisoner Swap — on The Glazov Gang


A glance into the heart of a leftist administration’s darkness.

State Department: No Need to Worry About Taliban Commanders Returning to Battlefield


Why for that matter risk so many lives going after Osama bin Laden?

US Vets Oppose Berghdal Deal 68% to 16%


Only 6% of veterans who responded say they sympathized with him