The Long-Awaited Investigation into Alexander V. Litvinenko’s Murder


Formal inquiry finally launched into the killing of a KGB-agent-turned-dissident.

Iraq Jihadists in the U.K.


As the region destabilizes, so does security in Britain.

An Islamic Trojan Horse Inside of Britain


The Islamization of a nation intensifies.

What’s Next for Britain?


Why those expecting a conservative surge in the next British election may be disappointed.

‘Earthquake’ in the U.K.


Anti-EU party upsets all current paradigms of British politics.

Unraveling the History of the Israeli Navy, Part I


How the Israeli Navy transitioned from obscurity to a missile pioneer.

Britain’s Jihadists Within


The Syrian jihadists once embraced by the U.K. government are now the country’s biggest threat.

Islamizing Britain’s Schools

Panorama - British Schools, Islamic Rules.WnA.avi_000083800

The media blows the lid off a scheme by extremists to hijack U.K. schools.

Heading Toward the EU Exit?


Promising news from both Britain and the Netherlands.

ObamaCare: A Word of Warning from Britain


The NHS: A “remedy” that has become far worse than the illness.