The British Royal Family and the Islamist Terrorists


Are British Royals committed to defending the homeland?

Prestige and Power in Statecraft

Obama Syria

What is a great world power without the fortitude to back up its position?

Acid Attack in Zanzibar


In Islamic Tanzania, ignorance isn’t always bliss.

The Eclipse of the British Empire


Just how dark is the horizon for a once great nation?

Afghanistan Comes to London


Jihadist slaughterers wanted the world to know: we killed in the name of Islam.

Remembering the Iron Lady

Thatcher color small

The grocer’s daughter who took the world by storm — and helped define her era.

The Divine Hand of the Europeans


Why is Israel the only British-carved nation with negotiable borders?

Remembering the Founders’ Sacrifice


Some lost everything for the pursuit of human liberty.

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British Muslims for Israel


Pro-Israel groups in Europe step up their efforts to combat the anti-Israel establishment.

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Another “Torture” Non-Scandal


Al-Qaeda terrorist Binyam Mohamed walks free while his U.S. interrogators are condemned.