The Environmentalist Eugenics of the Left


Killing for “climate change.”

Dem Senator: Cut Pay for Veterans, Not Congress


“We have taken pretty big cuts,” Schumer said.

Louie Gohmert: America Must Stop Paying Its Enemies

Picture 3

Can America afford to send Egypt’s Islamist president F-16s?

After Four Years, Dem Senate Passes a Budget


A doomed effort defined by crushing taxes and government spending.

No Money for Traffic Control Towers, But $700 Mil Available for Palestinian Terrorists

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waves upon his arrival for a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Should the needs of the American people come before those of the Palestinian people… or should the needs of the terrorists come before those of Americans?

The Budget Battle Begins


Democrats and Republicans: worlds apart.

Plutocrat Jack Lew Is Confirmed, But Sessions Embarrasses Democrats


A senator’s plea for the Congress to reject the architect of Obama’s ruinous economic agenda.

Cheated: Sham Education for Minority Students in Dem-Run Philadelphia

Arlene Ackerman

Another Democratic stronghold, another wasteland of public schooling.

Obama, Not GOP, Retreats on Debt Ceiling


But who will have the upper hand when the new extension expires?

Obama’s Three Years of Budget Failure


The president demonizes Republicans over the debt ceiling while leading the nation into the abyss.