Islamerica, Eurabia and Eurasia


Muslim multicultural roadmaps to national suicide.

Man in Burqa Tries to Rob Liquor Store in Confusing Hate Crime

burka identifiable

Sadly the Islamophobic and Transphobic media described this man as a robber and a female impersonator, when he was clearly just an LGBT Muslim trying to collect Jizya from the Dhimmis.

Sharia Education in Texas


And why it may affect you.

Philadelphia’s Burqa Crisis


The more full-body coverings around, the more likely they will facilitate criminal activity.

France’s New Burqa-Friendly Government


Francois Hollande — the first Muslim president of France?

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When in Dubai: The Kardashians Shop for Burqas


The oppression of women just got a big fashion boost.

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Should the West Ban the Burqa?

Early in June, Iran denounced European “intolerance” vis-à-vis the burqa. But is this true?
Many Muslims have come to the West in search of freedom and modernity; others have not. Controversy is inevitable. Islamist leaders believe that the West must “tolerate” the practice of gender apartheid as a “religious” right.
Western leaders have condemned the Islamic veil [...]

Expanding on Libertarian Tunnel Vision… Now Islamic Gender Apartheid

Calvin Freiburger had a great post the other day about Rand Paul’s Civil Rights Act troubles.
Calvin nailed it:
More importantly, the affair crystallizes a key difference between conservatism and libertarianism. Both ostensibly stem from the same presuppositions—individuals have certain inalienable rights and government must be strictly limited so it’s power and scope extend no further than protecting those [...]

Do Clothes Make the Muslim?


Buddhists don’t wear burqas.

Australian Senator Cory Bernardi: “Ban the Burqa”

Senator Cory Bernardi is the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Assisting the Leader of the Opposition and a Senator for South Australia. He is a strong defender of women’s rights. As if that’s not good enough, he is now calling for a burqa ban.  In an essay posted on Menzies House the conservative Liberal Party politician asserted: [...]