Like a Virgin: Obama Ad Sets a New Low


I’m Barack Obama and I approved the worst political ad ever.

Who Threw Israel Under the Bus?


The president’s supporters feverishly try to spin his record.

The Limits of American Power


Even in the event of a Romney win, Israel will still be the only country that can strike Iran.

Libya and Lies


The administration’s deception on the Benghazi attack is part of a larger pattern.

New York Times Re-Writes 9/11 History


Papering over Clinton’s eight years of counter-terrorism failure.

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Eleven Years of the Same Mistake


Foreign policy failures of the last decade will sabotage the next.

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Desmond Tutu vs George W. Bush


Here you can see the difference between a genuine humanitarian and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. If the Nobel committee had been honest, then Bush would have received the Prize for his work in Africa.

Obama’s Big Afghanistan Lie


The president campaigns on Bush’s success against Al Qaeda — while his own record is a fraud.

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The Great Betrayal: Obama’s Wars and the War in Iraq


New Freedom Center pamphlet exposes the disaster of Obama’s mishandling of the war on terror.

Democrats to Blacks: Stay Angry, Vote Democratic


For the Left, hate equals power.

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