The Buckley Program Stands Up for Free Speech


Ayaan Hirsi Ali triumphs over campus hate groups.

Council on American–Islamic Relations: Its Use of Lawfare and Intimidation


A new book reveals the bullying tactics of an Islamist supremacist organization.

Jamie Glazov Exposes Muslim Brotherhood Charade in the American Heartland


Frontpage Editor unveils the sinister roles of CAIR and ISNA in the “Tri-Faith Initiative.”

Why Is the Islamic State Behaving This Way?


The Koranic blueprint for the atrocities currently underway in Iraq.

‘Freedom X’ Takes on CAIR


Truth-tellers about Sharia refuse to stand down.

Glenn Greenwald Enraged that Muslims with Terror Ties Under Surveillance

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.03.34 PM

The Leftist “journalist” omits inconvenient facts.

Meet CAIR’s Fake Jewish Protesters in Burkas Against Islamohophobia

photo credit: Pamela Hall

How low can CAIR go?

CAIR Harassing 9/11 Museum for Not Providing Arabic Booklets


“Sept. 11 memorial insults Arabic speakers by excluding Arabic.”

CAIR Commemorated Memorial Day by Attacking American Soldiers


The difference between CAIR and Al Qaeda is…

CAIR Complains About 9/11 Museum’s Islamophobia, Accuses Jews of Killing Jesus

United in Hate

Islamophobia is wrong. Let’s pivot to anti-Semitism.