Brandeis Caves to Islamic Supremacist Thuggery


Hamas-linked CAIR’s hate campaign against a courageous champion of women’s rights.

CAIR Reacts to Megyn Kelly’s Epic Smackdown


The Muslim “civil rights” group responds to getting steamrolled, not once, but twice, on The Kelly File.

CAIR Attacks Honor Diaries Movie About Abuse of Women Because it was “Produced by Jews”


1,500 forced marriages take place each year in the United States

Leftist Press Frets: Jihad Truth-Tellers ‘Still Popular’


Despite the best efforts of Religion News Service and the Washington Post.

Fox Haters Carrying Water for CAIR

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Announces Educational Initiative

Running interference for jihad instead of asking the real questions.

IRS Employing CAIR Analyst Who Tipped Off Al-Awlaki Associate


Mohammed is currently employed in the IRS Deputy Chief Financial Officer’s office.

CAIR Lies in Smear Campaign Against Zuhdi Jasser


A real Muslim reformer vs. terrorist interference runners.

CAIR Still Trying to Blame Muslim Honor Killing on “American Racism”

The face of Iraqi-American Islamophobia

Shaima Alawadi’s husband beat her to death with a tire iron.

Syrian Jihadist Sheikh Who Called for Murder of Jews and Gays Gets US Visa


“All the Jewish people are combatants,” al-Nabulsi wrote

CAIR Bigotry Survey Shows Muslim Students Bullied Less than Non-Muslim Students


Muslims are complaining about being treated better than non-Muslims.