Meet CAIR’s Fake Jewish Protesters in Burkas Against Islamohophobia

photo credit: Pamela Hall

How low can CAIR go?

CAIR Harassing 9/11 Museum for Not Providing Arabic Booklets


“Sept. 11 memorial insults Arabic speakers by excluding Arabic.”

CAIR Commemorated Memorial Day by Attacking American Soldiers


The difference between CAIR and Al Qaeda is…

CAIR Complains About 9/11 Museum’s Islamophobia, Accuses Jews of Killing Jesus

United in Hate

Islamophobia is wrong. Let’s pivot to anti-Semitism.

Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Demands Private Emails of American Mosque Opponents

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Announces Educational Initiative

CAIR is targeting seven Michigan residents

Video: CAIR Reacts to Brandeis’ Plan to Honor Ayaan Hirsi Ali


A new parody depicts CAIR’s “strategy session” to intimidate Brandeis.

Brandeis Caves to Islamic Supremacist Thuggery


Hamas-linked CAIR’s hate campaign against a courageous champion of women’s rights.

CAIR Reacts to Megyn Kelly’s Epic Smackdown


The Muslim “civil rights” group responds to getting steamrolled, not once, but twice, on The Kelly File.

CAIR Attacks Honor Diaries Movie About Abuse of Women Because it was “Produced by Jews”


1,500 forced marriages take place each year in the United States

Leftist Press Frets: Jihad Truth-Tellers ‘Still Popular’


Despite the best efforts of Religion News Service and the Washington Post.