Barack’s Brotherhood Bond — on The Finch Gang


Deconstructing Obama’s dance with the devil.

Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Challenge to America

Gohmert with CNN Poster

Why we must defend global freedom and fight Islamic tyranny.

What the Left Does Not Understand About Islam

Picture 16

Inside the doomed unholy alliance.

The War for the Future of the Middle East


Islam aspires to be an empire once again and the Jews are in the way.

Media Covers Up Muslim Bomber’s Caliphate Goals


Japan did not bomb Pearl Harbor because they hated us. Nazi Germany did not invade Poland because they hated the Poles. The Soviet Union did not point nuclear missiles at us because they hated us. Muslim terrorists are not trying to kill us because they hate us. They are killing us because they want to conquer us.

Muslim Brotherhood Draws Up Plans to Islamize Egypt


Preparing steps towards resurrecting the Caliphate.

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The Rise of the Saudi Superstate


The Caliphate is here.

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Media Reveal the Muslim Brotherhood’s True Face


Islamists call for “United Arab States” with Jerusalem as its capital and for the supremacy of Sharia.

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Muslim Brotherhood Declares ‘Mastership of World’


And the Obama administration helps it along the way.

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The Donkey Is Dead


The Caliphate genie has been let out of the bottle.

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