Siding with the Victims of Aggression


We cannot fight either anti-Semitism or terrorism if we tolerate the real perpetrators of hate and violence.

The Pro-Terrorist Front Groups On American Campuses


My confrontation with propagandists for genocide at Ohio State University.

Jew Hatred on Campus

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.25.45 PM

David Horowitz and an esteemed panel speak on fighting the cancer infesting our universities at the West Coast Retreat.

Saving College Campuses From Islamists


Time to stand up to hate-groups on campus.

The Necessity of the Fighting Jew on Campus


How Zionist students can win.

Reasons for Targeting Students for Justice in Palestine


A hate group responsible for the wave of anti-Semitism on college campuses.

SJP: Promoting Hate Under the Guise of Social Justice


Students for Justice in Palestine and its Jew-Hate on campus.

O’Keefe’s New Video Refutes Cornell President Skorton’s Claim that He is Combatting the Jew-Hating and America-Hating Leftists on His Campus


Assistant Dean for Students, Joseph Scaffido, affirms that a pro-ISIS, pro-Hamas group would be welcome on campus.

Berkeley Radicals Want to Honor Cop-Killing Communist


Cuban collaborator Assata Shakur, formerly Joanne Chesimard, is a leftist role model.

Farewell to University Free Speech


Pat Condell reacts to the disturbing news that 80% of U.K. campuses restrict free speech.