Ontario Gov Limits Promotion to Employees who “Self-Identify as Black Females”


What about white women who self-identify as black women?

Canada Takes Its Place at the Table


How Canada’s support for Israel has improved the country’s geopolitical standing.

Liberal Canadian Ex-Defense Minister Says Environmentalist Aliens Will Give Us Free Stuff


Hellyer says that there is a “federation” of aliens

Canadian Supreme Court Says Prostitution Ban Violates Rights of Prostitutes


This is what happens when the left takes over.

Same ISNA, Same Terror


ISNA Canada loses its tax status because of terrorist financing.

Judge Declares Illiterate Muslim Deserves Citizenship Because He is Schizophrenic


“He is incapable of advanced schooling and his career prospects are limited.”

Student Paper Editor Claims Mustaches are Racist


“Educate yourself on the issue, and think twice before growing a moustache.”

Like Obama, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits to Cocaine Use


On 60 Minutes, Obama mentioned that he had considered using heroin

Canadian Imam Says Women Should Get Husband’s Permission Before Speaking


“She needs to have the permission of her husband for a number of things, including, leaving the home

Islamic History Month Comes to Manitoba, Canada


Is it really the only group worth recognizing?