Victory in the No-Go Zone


A new book by Gary McHale exposes race-based policing in Ontario, Canada.

Canada Ditches Obama’s Favorite Terror-Funding Charity


ISNA’s charity status revoked up north — so why is the president embracing it as a “partner”?

“I Want a Man to Touch Me, Not a Woman,” Muslim Train Bomber Yells in Court


“You are not my wife,” barked Mr. Esseghaier, clad in an orange prison jumpsuit and with a bushy black beard.

Canadian ISNA Loses Tax Exempt Status over Terror Cash


Hizbul Mujahideen is listed as a terrorist entity by the Council of the European Union and is declared a banned terrorist organization by the Government of India.

President of the Islamic Forum of Canada Explains How Gays Benefit from Being Stoned to Death

Shaykh Faisal Abdur-Razak-01

“He is found guilty by an Islamic court, one of the punishments is stoning to death.But for the believer there is an important benefit.”

Imam Predicts Muslims Will Become the Majority in Canada

Sheikh Jamal Hammoud

“So far we are minority, so when we get together this is kind of jihad in a way.”

Canada’s Terrorist Takedown


A lesson for the U.S. in inter-agency counter-terrorism collaboration.

New Pressure Cooker Bomber Went from “In League with Satan” to Muslim Convert


Islam is becoming the new Satanism for losers.

Muslim Activism Done Right

A new Canadian Muslim group takes a stand against Islamic jihad.

Conservative Canadian Government Presides Over 500% Higher Job Growth Than US


I wonder what Canada’s secret is, besides electing Stephen Harper instead of Barack Obama.