New Pressure Cooker Bomber Went from “In League with Satan” to Muslim Convert


Islam is becoming the new Satanism for losers.

Muslim Activism Done Right

A new Canadian Muslim group takes a stand against Islamic jihad.

Conservative Canadian Government Presides Over 500% Higher Job Growth Than US


I wonder what Canada’s secret is, besides electing Stephen Harper instead of Barack Obama.

Teaching Class-Hatred to America’s Youth — on The Glazov Gang


How the Left wages war through our children.

Obama to Fund Muslim Groups… in Canada


Obama is running out of Muslim countries to fund internationally and Muslim groups to fund at home.

North Korea, Cuba and Iran Criticize Canada’s Lack of Human Rights at UN

Here's your UN Human Rights Council. Enjoy

North Korea: “We have serious concerns about continued violation of the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression in Canada.”

Muslim Rail Terrorist Claims He Should Go Free Because the Koran Doesn’t Ban Terrorism


“All of those conclusions were taken out based on the Criminal Code and we all know that this Criminal Code is not a holy book,” said Esseghaier

Canadian Student Association Joins the Genocidal War Against Israel


A racist resolution reveals the darkness infecting Western campuses.

Canadian Left Calls for ‘Neutrality’ on Honor Killings & Female Genital Mutilation


Political establishment condemns calling heinous woman-hating practices “barbaric.”

Canadian Protester Arrested for Criticizing Islam’s Wife Beating Rules


Brazau “gave a mock Muslim sermon, assisted by the veiled woman. He was praising Canada as a place where you can beat your wife with impunity. He also counted all the benefits you would get here if you are a religious fanatic.”