ObamaCare’s Abysmal Numbers

Arnold Ahlert is a former NY Post op-ed columnist currently contributing to JewishWorldReview.com, HumanEvents.com and CanadaFreePress.com. He may be reached at atahlert@comcast.net.


The truth about the president’s “eight million” new enrollees.

Lessons From Lady Gaga

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Exceptional Depravity, a new crime book, and Hollywood Party: Stalinist Adventures in the American Movie Industry. He has written for City Journal California, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and many other publications.


A concert cancelation reveals a cultural pathology that is only getting worse.

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The Cancellation of a U.S.-Israeli Drill

P. David Hornik is a freelance writer and translator living in Beersheva and author of the book Choosing Life in Israel. 


A slap at the Jewish State?

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