Religiously Disputing Big Government


Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, dissents from Religious Left orthodoxy.

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Presidential Nonsense


Obama once again reveals his economic ignorance.

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The China Illusion


The Obama White House sees Taiwan’s free enterprise as an affront.

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Kodak and the Post Office


A tale of two bankruptcies.

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The Moronic World of Occupy Copenhagen


A video interview with spokeswoman Rysle Dyre.

Why I Love Greed


What other human motivation gets the most wonderful things done?

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The Glazov Gang: Simple Solutions For America’s Biggest Problems

A distinguished panel goes toe-to-toe about what America needs most.

War Breaks Out on the Glazov Gang


A heated exchange about capitalism escalates into pandemonium on Jamie Glazov’s television show.

Join Leon Weinstein Discussing “Capitalism 101″ on The Jamie Glazov Show, Tuesday, Dec. 20, 8-9pm Pacific

Soviet emigre appearing on Frontpage’s talk blog radio show to explain why capitalism succeeds and socialism fails.

Barack and Teddy


Obama has many of Roosevelt’s worst instincts and policies.

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