Islam’s Cartoon Jihad Strikes Again

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Not even universities are safe havens for free speech.

The Media’s Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam


French magazine Charlie Hebdo shows it won’t back down to Islamic violence.

Britain Is No Place for Jews

Sunday Times blood libel

A Nazi-style cartoon in the Sunday Times shows the true face of the U.K.

Muslim ‘Offenses’ Are About Power, Not Words


Why, even if we removed all “offensive” cartoons and movies on the planet, members of the ‘”religion of peace” would still riot.

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Charlie Hebdo Prepares For Violent Backlash


A French magazine takes a stand for free speech even though its Paris offices have already been firebombed.

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Lessons on the Long Road to Hijab


A snapshot of how Islamic Sharia worms its way into society.

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A Satire Draws Fire


Yet another Mohammed cartoon inspires violence.

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Holy Terror: Frank Miller’s ‘Fixer’ Takes On Jihad


The cartoonist vents his patriotic rage.

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The “South Park” Revolution


How Comedy Central’s irreverent show demonstrated the incompatibility of Sharia law and a free society.

Muslim Law Students’ War Against Free Speech


What happened when one student invited Robert Spencer to Florida State.