The Tyranny of Che


A book review of Alvaro Vargas Llosa’s “The Che Guevara Myth.”

Obama Wishes Away Cuba’s Terrorism Sponsorship


The dark reality the president ignores.

The Death of the Left


What stakes are to a vampire, victory is to the left.

The Truth About the Cuban ‘Embargo’ — on The Glazov Gang


Humberto Fontova exposes Obama’s rescue of a fascist tyranny.

Obama Comes to Castro’s Rescue — on The Glazov Gang


Humberto Fontova unveils how the Radical-in-Chief threw a lifeline to a dying tyranny.

Paris Hilton and Conan do Havana


Hollywood’s fellow travelers and a new and improved totalitarian odyssey.

The Cuban Archipelago


A reflection on the suffering of the Cuban people under a vicious communist tyranny.

Obama’s White Whale


After Cuba, could embracing Iran be next?

New Left Totalitarians Celebrate Castro’s Victory


Tom Hayden hails Obama for completing the objectives of the Cuban “Revolution.”

Obama Comes to Castro’s Rescue

U.S. President Obama greets Cuban President Castro at the memorial service for Mandela in Johannesburg

The U.S. becomes the new patron of a monstrous communist regime.