Obama’s War on the Media


Why the press fears Obama like no president before.

CBS Reporter Investigating Fast and Furious and Benghazi Resigns Over Liberal Bias


The bulk of Attkisson’s work focused on the failures of the Obama administration

Media Matters’ Mission to Bury Benghazi


Left-wing propaganda mill twists CBS’s mistake to Obama’s advantage.

CBS Finally Reports: Benghazi a Planned Attack


An eyewitness comes forward — and a “phony scandal” becomes not so phony after all.

CBS Stands Behind Anti-Israel Propaganda


Why does 60 Minutes still refuse to expose Palestinian and Muslim torture of Christians while it condemns the Jewish State?

CBS News Director: Obama Must Go for the Throat


The Left exposes its ruthlessness.

All the News That’s Fit to Suppress


The Obamamedia reaches an all-time low.

Confronting CBS over Anti-Israel Libels


A shareholder meeting over Israel’s “mistreatment” of Christians elicits a strong response from supporters of the Jewish State.

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The Latest Joint CBS-Castro Production


Would Anderson Cooper ever extol the conservationist policies of Apartheid South Africa as he does those of the Cuban regime?

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The Stoning and Burning of Big Oil

Watching Big Oil Burn
In the spirit of ”keep[ing] the boot on the neck of British Petroleum (BP),” per Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, CBS News and Politico are reporting the new witch hunt of BP and its cohorts, Transocean and Halliburton.
The American public is about to witness a very public flogging, something reminiscent of a 17th century stoning of evil-doers by the mob before being dragged to a pyre [...]