CBS News Director: Obama Must Go for the Throat


The Left exposes its ruthlessness.

All the News That’s Fit to Suppress


The Obamamedia reaches an all-time low.

Confronting CBS over Anti-Israel Libels


A shareholder meeting over Israel’s “mistreatment” of Christians elicits a strong response from supporters of the Jewish State.

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The Latest Joint CBS-Castro Production


Would Anderson Cooper ever extol the conservationist policies of Apartheid South Africa as he does those of the Cuban regime?

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Contracting with the Enemy


How General Electric defied the international community to do business with Iran.

Holder Defends Handling of Abdulmutallab – CBS News

Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday he made the decision to charge the Christmas Day terror suspect in civilian court rather than the military system, with no objection from all the other relevant departments of the government.In a letter to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell PDF, the attorney general wrote that the FBI told its […]

Al Gore Pens Apocalyptic Climate Change Poem – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

Al Gore penned an apocalyptic poem on climate change for his recently-released book Our Choice after his editor declined to include a chapter on what the world will look like because of global warming.The poem, which you can watch Gore read to a CNN reporter at left or read in full below, has met with […]

Lieberman and Nelson Doubt Medicare Compromise –

WASHINGTON — Two key senators on Sunday raised concerns over one aspect of a proposed compromise on the health-care bill, putting up a hurdle to passage of the measure in the Senate.The proposal to open Medicare to individuals below the age of 65 was a crucial part of a compromise reached last week among senior […]