North Korea Threatens War


Another global hotspot festers, while American leadership wanes.

What a ‘Truce’ Means to Hamas


A glimpse into the dark world of Islamic tactics to exterminate the kafir.

Israel vs. Hamas — on The Glazov Gang


Bill Whittle, Tommi Trudeau and Leon Weinstein shed light on the path Israel now has no choice but to take.

Why Netanyahu Blinked


How a “ceasefire” empowered the enemies of Israel.

The Absurdity of Treating a Terrorist Gang Like a State


The minefields of a “cease-fire.”

Obama Legitimizes Morsi’s Protection Racket

Hillary Clinton and Mohamed Morsi

In one stroke, the Obama administration overturns thirty years of American policy.

There Is No Ceasefire


Peace only means peace for the terrorists.

Rockets Pound Israel on Seventh Day of War

Picture 4

As desperate diplomats still angle for a truce.

Should Israel Agree to a Cease-fire?


A truce now will only give Hamas time to gather strength.

War By Other Means


An anti-Israel extremist seeks revenge through the Goldstone report.